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I am an escort/sex worker/prostitute because I like it, and because I am good at it!

I don't think consensual prostitutution is in any way immoral or unethical, and I am not ashamed of what I do (and if you think it is something to be ashamed of, you probably shouldn't be here!)

Yes! I am an indepedent escort, so you will only ever see me in pictures, speak to me on the phone, or meet me in person!

No, they are not. If you try to haggle with me then I will not see you.

It's pretty straightforward, and if you have ever booked an appointment at the hairdresser, dentist or anywhere else you will be fine!

Sex workers are just normal people and there is no special way you have to talk to us to get a booking. So long as you are polite and give me the information I need, you have nothing to worry about. 

I like to think I am friendly and aproachable, and I pride myself on being able to put others at ease, so you needn't worry about feeling too nervous during your time with me.

Gifts are not a requirement during a booking, and are in no way expected, but I do get asked quite often so if you would like to bring something any of these would be greatly appreciated;

*Chocolate (dairy free)
*Acrylic paints or supplies

Or if you can always send something from my wishlist, and you can also tip me online using my cashapp account £GiveLizzyMoney

Yes! My onlyfans profile has clips and pictures, and I add new ones frequently!


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